Resources for Parents

Information about students who are gifted:

  • – Challenging children academically at home; information about school community, social and emotional growth, motivating children, lists of toys and games $7.99 and up. Also, information on identifying, advocating, understanding and supporting children who are gifted and ways to support parents as well (support groups, etc.).
  • -Offering enrichment programs on weekends and over the summer, free events, workshops and presenters for children and parents; information about different schooling options in CT, laws, and standards. Also, offers enrichment program information by town, as well as different scholarships for children.
  • -Presenting internet tools to support children, as well as ideas for books, magazines, educational products and materials, smart toys, software and how to get them cheaper; information on students who are gifted, such as characteristics, schooling options, different issues, special needs, important laws, as well as contests and awards to apply to, links for community networking, and lists of conferences.

Resources for all parents:


Resources and activities in CT:


Math resources for parents:


Online math games for children: