Project SPARK at NAGC
Recognizing Potential in the Early Grades: Supporting Opportunities for Access
Jill L. Adelson, Rebecca O’Brien, Catherine Little, Caroline Pittard

By recognizing and encouraging high potential in learners from underserved populations in the early grades, we work toward closing excellence gaps. This session describes Project SPARK, including approaches to supporting teachers in recognizing potential and supporting students through access to advanced learning opportunities in grades K-2. We also share the gifted program identification results we are seeing in later grades.

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Preconference: Curriculum Journeys

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Response to “My Kids Can’t Do it” – from K. Gavin (breakout panel session)

Curriculum Concepts that Guide Gifted Education – elaborating on J. VanTassel-Baska’s opening panel and breakout panel
Curriculum Studies Based on the Integrated Curriculum Model – from J. VanTassel-Baska